ID642 - Audit Log Report of Vendor Item Cost Change from Snapshot (Previous Day, Etc.) Overview & Sample:

This alert will tell you whenever a Vendor's cost changes by more than X%. Runs nightly snapshot and will show the old value and new value. This task can run daily or monthly or daily and monthly just let us know at

% change to alert on (enter whole number and alert will check if change > or < as a percent entered)


Change in % formula: (CostDifference/PreviousCost) * 100


Related to ID613, Vendor Cost Variance on POReceiver to POVoucher. ID613 is detail of how it happened, but would not catch manual changes to vendor cost, but would alert you that average cost was just impacted. ID642 is just to catch any changes to actual vendor cost and has nothing to with whether or not average cost was affected.



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