ID19 - Contract Expiring in X Number of Days - Overview and Sample

ID19 is used to catch certain contracts before they expire. This is very useful for watching renewable MPS contracts or ensuring Rental equipment is scheduled for pickup. This alert will trigger on active contracts only, VariableW is the Contract 'billcode' you want to monitor, Variable X is the # of days to trigger before expiration date. 

Sample Output contains Contract Number, Customer Name, Expiration Date and BillCode...see below:


Variables Include:

  • BillCode(s) assigned to Contract (separate with comma)

  • Expiring in X Days


Related Alert:  

ID463 - Contract Exp W Days Universal Overview & Sample

This alert will notify on all contracts due to expire in a # of days; VariableW, VariableX or VariableY. An excellent catch-all or doublecheck to make sure your processes don't let any contracts fall through the cracks. This is a variant of alert ID19, which will check against certain Bill Codes.

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