ID463 - Contract Exp W Days Universal Overview & Sample

This alert will notify on all contracts due to expire in a # of days; VariableW, VariableX or VariableY. An excellent catch-all or doublecheck to make sure your processes don't let any contracts fall through the cracks. This is a variant of alert ID19, which will check against certain Bill Codes. This alert checks all contracts, and assumes you set expiration dates on your contracts. VariableW is the farthest out # of days, then VariableX, and VariableY would be closest to expiration date and will notify once at each of those variable dates. This alert breaks down the contracts by groups based on their expiration date. Expired, Less than 30 days until expiration, 30 to 60 days, and within 90 days. A contract will only show on the alert once when it reaches each time frame bucket. This keeps the list to a manageable and actionable size. If you choose to have this go to the sales rep it will pull that information from your CRM if you are using ID320, if not it will pull the rep info from the customer record.

 The default schedule for this alert is weekly on Wednesdays.




Variables Include:

VariableW - Expiring less than W Days but more than X days from Today (Farthest ahead of expiration Date) Defaults to 90 if variable left blank

VariableX  - Expiring less than X days but more than Y day

VariableY  - Expiring less than Days (the closet to expiration)

VariableZ  - ContractType(s) to EXLUDE (separate by comma or blank for NONE)

Variable1  - ContractType(s) to INCLUDE (separate by comma or blank for ALL)

Variable2  - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL

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