ID358 - Inventory Transfer Orders Opened More than VarW Days Overview & Sample:

Need to know who's waiting on parts?  If your techs are requesting parts and they aren't being transferred in a timely manner, your customers could be experiencing unnecessary down-time. This alert will let you know what parts and/or supplies have been requested over "W" days ago.

ID358 will alert if any inventory transfer requests are still open after W days (specified in variableW).

Sample Output shows the request creator, how the request was created (in the sample below it was through the ILC),  the warehouses and item numbers involved in the transfer, as well as the quantities needed. 



# of days request has been open


Related Alert: ID359 - Inventory Requests Still Open > W Days (not canceled/transferred/on PO) - Overview and Sample  Click Here for the Forum Post.


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