ID6 - Open Calls where Techname contains VariableZ, Overview and Sample

If you don't have a specific technician assigned to each equipment record, then the calls will be automatically set to the tech you chose to receive unassigned calls. Example tech "UA" for unassigned calls. This tech acts like a place holder so you can easily identify those calls that need to have a valid technician assigned. This alert helps you keep track so that calls aren't Unassigned for too long and no tech is ever alerted to handle the call. Escalation alert is ID7. ID6 fires immediately when call created, ID7 fires after VarW hours if still unassigned. This alert will only fire once, it will not continually fire. 

Sample of output below:  Includes Call Number, Creator, Opened Date and Time, Status of the Call, Customer Name, Business Hours that have Elapsed since call was placed, and City.


Variables include:  

Variable Z ( Technician Name for your UnAssigned call)

Technician Name for your UnAssigned call (separate multiples with comma)

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