ID290 - Equipment with Warranty Bill Code (Begins with Variable W) Past Warranty Date Overview & Sample:

We track all host active equipment that has assigned a billcode that starts with the characters you specify in VariableW above (for example if you have more than one warranty billcode then make sure they all start with WTY) and alert you if the warranty date on the equipment is less than today so that someone will change the billcode to the appropriate billable bill code. If you place equipment that will not be going onto a contract and/or the contract won't start until the warranty date on the equipment expires, then this process works as well.  Note that if you enable the To-Rep checkbox you will be sending to the rep who last sold the equipment. **Alert will repeat until Bill Code has been changed.

The Equipment Bill Code can be found in the Equipment record in EAutomate, on the Second Tab (Billing/Contact) where highlighted below: 


ID290 Sample Output includes Equipment Number, Serial Number, Model, Bill To Name, Customer, Equipment Bill Code, Installed Date, Warranty Date, Status, and In Stock (Yes or No)


This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = The characters your warranty BillCodes start with (not description of billcode!) you assign to equipment under warranty (i.e. WTTY)  In the examples above it was WTY and WT.



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