ID691 - Open Calls for Customer Type Overview & Sample:

This alert provides a daily summary of all open Service Calls for a particular Customer Type (or Types). It can also advise individual sales reps of the calls open for their customers, giving them a heads up to see if equipment at site is still the right fit, or maybe customer has new operators and a training review would solve service issues as well as make the customers happier and more productive with their equipment. Just following up with the customer should make them feel more like you're on top of their needs.

Sample Output for ID691 contains Customer Name, Call Number, Customer Number, Equipment Number, Model, Serial Number, City, State, Date & Time the call was opened, Call Type, Technician Name, Call Status, Hold Code (if any), Contact Name, Contact Phone#, Call Description, Notes, Last Work Order Detail Note, Last Work Order Detail Note Date, and Last Work Order Detail Note Updated by, as shown below:




This alert has 1 Variable:


VarW = Customer Type(s) the alert triggers on, separated by comma



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