ID304 - New Call for Equipment and Other Pending Calls Exist for Same Location Overview & Sample:

To alert specified person(s) whenever a new call is created and there are other open calls pending for the same street address. This is to allow time for the dispatcher to possibly coordinate the tech(s) if one tech could do both calls. The alert checks the street address on the call by checking from the address from left most character up to the first carriage return (hard enter) in the address to identify calls at the same street address level, not just at the same exact full address. This assumes that your users are using the key sequence in the customer addresses to put the Suite/Floor information on a separate line in the address from the street. It also assumes that your users are consistent in their use of abbreviations in the street names across all customers (ST or Street, Ave. or Ave or Avenue). VariableW is where you put in the CustomerTypeCode(s) (the code, not the description) for any customertypes you want to be ignored for this alert. This is for dealerships who are having techs create "dummy" calls for shop/parts trip/lunch etc where the dealership is the customer (thus a ton of calls everyday at the same location that need to be ignored).  NOTE: This will trigger regardless if the calls are assigned to the same tech or different techs.

Sample output of ID304 contains Call Number, Status, Tech Name, Location Name, Street Address, City, Locationm Call Type, Model, Equipment Number, Open Date, Req Date, as shown below:


This alert has 2 Variables:


VarW = CustomerType Code(s) associated to customer records to be ignored by this alert (separate by comma or blank for ALL)

VarX   = Option to only have the alert trigger when X number of different techs are assigned to calls at that location.  Default value is '1' which will show you when two calls are at the same location regardless of who the call is assigned to (recommended)


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