ID124 - Custom Service Call Pick Ticket Waiting for Parts, Overview & Sample

Provides automatic and On Demand printing of Pick Ticket for calls with status of hold for parts (WP) or bad sync.

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Sends a PDF Pick Ticket for each new call that has the standard eAutomate status of WP (Waiting Parts) or Badsync (waiting parts but parts requested by tech are not in system). If item identified as potential warranty as it hasn't met expected days in field AND/OR if item marked as returnable those details will show on Pick Ticket.

Run Schedule: every 15-minutes

Type of Output: Email and On Demand Custom Report

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Shows the bin for each item (using the default bin assigned to that item) and the available qty in that main POR bin plus the available qty in all your warehouses.

Standard Sample with PO details for warranty return:


Bad Sync Sample showing item number info:


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Variable W: Warehouse Number (not warehouse description) to report availability from (no multiple entries available)

Variable X: Show Pricing (YES/NO)

Variable Y: Custom Property on the Make for Warranty Days

Variable 1: Set to 'NoRepeat' for each Pick Ticket to be printed only once at time call is placed on Hold or 'Repeat' to keep repeating (If left BLANK, then = NoRepeat)

Variable 2: On Hold Codes trigger in addition to WP and BadSync (separate with comma)


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Alert Functionality

-The Custom Property in VariableY corresponds to expected days item should have been in field without replacement as this is how the Pick Ticket identifies item(s) as possible warranty returns. Using the equipment serial number on the call, it locates the PO the equipment was purchased on and received into your inventory to identify the PO Number and date of purchase. We then determine the days elapsed since received and compare the days elapsed to the ZCJMakeWtyDays Custom Property you assign to the Make for that model. 

ZCJMakeWtyDays is the number of days machine (or part if set at Item Level) is covered under warranty



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OnDemand Report Filters

Custom Report named CEOJuice Service Call Pick Ticket w/warranty/badsync/core info:

Custom Report will print "CorePart/Returnable" under Item listed on pick ticket if Item is marked as returnable on Item Record.  



Can filter by Warehouse (only one can be selected at a time):



Indicate whether to Show Price of Item(s) Yes or No:


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Best Practices & Tips

-To ensure Custom Report will print "CorePart/Returnable" under Item listed on pick ticket, check box next to Returnable on applicable Item Records:


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Related Alerts

ID90-Parts Warranty


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