ID90 Parts Warranty - Overview & Sample

ID90 is our Parts Warranty process that identifies when a part is being replaced before the manufacturers warranty.

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Getting dollars back for parts that don't meet warranty is the most obvious ROI for our services, and we have many clients where we flag over $100K per month and our average is $35K. We have determined a best practice is to notify your parts person AND the technician (optional to include techs manager). We encourage your company to have a policy that technicians return ALL old parts to the warehouse, an idea is to have a box with each tech's name that they return their parts to, and the parts person would review to ensure everything returned.

This alert considers four conditions:

Clicks: was part replaced before reaching manufacturers guaranteed yield

Core Returnable: is old part required to be returned back to manufacturer to receive credit

Days: was part installed for less than minimum number of days, set by manufacturer

Part Cost: does manufacturer require the part cost a specific minimum amount for a claim

This alert assumes that if the manufacturer covers the machine as a unit, then it would be covered as long as it is within the warranty date (set on equipment record). If the machine is no longer covered as a unit, then it looks at the parts level where the manufacturer covers certain parts based on the conditions above.

The alert will report to you if any one of the four conditions above are met. It does not require that all four are met.

Run Schedule: The alert runs every 15 minutes and checks for calls marked COMPLETE, also considers when invoiced if anything has changed.

Type of Output: Email / On Demand SSRS Report / Task App

This is an email and On Demand SSRS Report, so you can run on demand by date range and other parameters. An excellent tool to use when reviewing with your manufacturer and identifying parts that are consistently failing early. Click here for an overview on the SSRS report.


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Sample alert not meeting yield target 

Screen_Shot_2019-09-20_at_7.06.04_PM.png 1. Install date, if blank then uses create date of EQ record. If no record of that item being used on that EQ,will assume it was installed new with the equipment and use the install date as last replacement. (can cause issues if you use install date to record when that equipment went on your contract vs. when equipment actually installed.) 

2. Previous Service Call detail (when Item was last used on a Service Call)

3. Actual Yield % calculated is VarX times the yield per the Item Record

4. Trigger Action column will explain which of the three triggers was used

Note that the Actual Yield column is the difference between the meter read from the service call closes to the install date (see #1 above) and the meter read on today's service call. If the service meter from install is not valid, it will report on the next valid meter reading.

Sample Alert for Core Returnable



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. Alert has column labelled "Trigger Action" which indicates WHY the alert fired off. 

Yield - based on yield on Item Record, part has NOT minimum yield % you've entered in VariableX.


Core Returnable - the Item Record has 'Returnable' box checked


Equipment Warranty Date - per the Equipment Record, device is still under manufacturer's warranty. This functionality is hard coded in our logic as it's intended to provide you insight on equipment level warranty. Your variable and/or Custom Property settings have not effect on this reason for trigger.




Did item fall below the manufacturer’s guaranteed yield?

Calculated from the click difference between service call when the part was installed (or the EQ install date meter reading) to the service call when the replacement part installed. If the Click Difference is less than the Copy Yield Value set up in the Item Record.

Note that if the service meter from the install date is not valid it will report on the next valid meter reading.


It is important you review your part record items in eAutomate and ensure all parts that do have a yield are set up correctly. Use alert ID189 for a weekly list of parts that are missing a yield. If an item that does not have a yield, enter a 2 in the yield field to stop reporting on ID189, and it will be ignored from reporting on ID90 for this condition. 

Core Returnable:

Core Returnable:

Are you required to return old part back to manufacturer for credit?

These items are identified by selecting the Returnable box on the item record. If an item is set with this, ID90 will trigger regardless of any other settings/conditions.Returnable.png

Note, in variable 1 of the subscription, it allows an option to exclude the alert from triggering on these Returnable items, by setting to No. Default it set to Yes.



Was the part installed for less than minimum number of days. Some manufacturers won't consider a part for any warranty if it has been installed for longer than a certain period, regardless if it was under the click yield guarantee or not. The alert looks to see how long the part was installed, and compares to what you have set in the Custom Property for days. You assign these in eAutomate under Inventory / Makes, edit the Make Record and assign the Custom Property ZCJMakeWtyDays with the maximum days to consider. If nothing is set in the custom property, the alert will disregard days as an option. In below example, the alert will not trigger for a part installed for longer than 90 days


Option to also set this at the item level, for certain parts that have a unique warranty period outside of the manufacturers regular warranty.


Part Cost:

Parts Cost:

Does the item cost exceed the minimum $ threshold for that manufacturer. Some manufacturers require the part cost at least a minimum amount before they will warranty it. The alert looks at the items 'average cost', and compares to what you have set in the Custom Property. You assign these settings in eAutomate under Inventory / Makes, edit the Make Record and assign the Custom Property ZCJMakeWtyMinCost with the dollar amount. If nothing is set in the custom property, the alert will disregard a minimum cost. In below example, the alert will not trigger for a part that costs less than $30



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Variable W: Text or Email (Text=send to Tech text address, regardless whether sending emails to tech. Email = Do not send text msg)

Variable X: Only notify if yield less than this % (decimal needed, not whole number, i.e. enter .90 = 90%)

Variable Y: Custom Property ZCJMakeWtyDays on the Item or Make (Item overrides Make if present) for number of days machine (or part if set at Item Level) is covered under warranty, more here

Variable Z: Custom Property ZCJMakeWtyMinCost on the Make for the cutoff $$$ you setup for each Make. This is the minimum cost of items to be eligible for warranty, more here

Variable 1: Indicate Yes or No if you want to notify on Items set with 'Returnable', regardless of clicks or days or other warranty triggers. Default it set to Yes, more here

Variable 2Service Code Categories of items to trigger on - options are P,S,H,O, separate multiples by comma or leave blank to consider all, more here


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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. Some manufacturers (i.e. Xerox and Canon) use the same drum for each of the colors. Unfortunately, there is not a best practice for this one as we haven't found a solution that doesn't cause more work than it prevents. Our suggestion is for your parts staff to consider drums for these machines as possible returns that will require more investigation IF you decide the potential return is worth it. That is, if you could recoup only $10 if it were true, then it's probably not worth the trouble. But if it looks like it has potential to be a true issue or a substantial warranty return, then you dig deeper.

2. If you want to credit the contract & technician, see here for info

3. If we are telling you about a Canon part costing $100 and you know Canon has a minimum of $300 ensure you have minimums and warranty days set at the make level, details here.  

Service codes:

Service Codes:

In eAutomate under Tools / Lists & Codes / Service Codes


Custom Property Set Up

Custom Property Set Up:

If you do not see these custom property options in your eAutomate, you can either create the attributes and link to Make Custom Properties, as below (must be set up with Data Type of 'numeric'), or email and ask our helpdesk to create the ID90 custom properties for you.



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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

* We understand this logic may not be true for every manufacturer which is why we also have a different version of this logic for some manufacturers: 

ID919 for Konica Minolta specific version 

ID921 for Canon/HP specific version. 

If you subscribe to either of these manufacturer specific alerts, ID90 will not duplicate but instead will exclude those Items from reporting, and only capture by ID919 or ID921.

ID561 New Call Opened for Equipment Still Under Warranty

ID443 Alert At The End Of The Day For Closed Calls With Equipment Still Under Warranty

 * CEO Juice can help with the clean up and yields set up on item records , see here. 


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OnDemand Report

OnDemand Report

Please see THIS LINK for an extensive review of the OnDemand SSRS Report


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Task App

Task App

Please see THIS LINK for review.

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