ID124 - Custom Service Call Pick Ticket Waiting for Parts, Overview and Sample

This is a custom report to use in lieu of the standard Service Calls Waiting For Parts pick ticket. This task will send the pdf pickticket for each new call that has the standard e-automate statuses of WP (Waiting Parts) or Badsync (waiting parts but parts requested by tech are not in system). Using the equipment serialnumber on the call it locates the PO Receiver the equipment was purchased on and received into your inventory to identify the PONumber and date of purchase. From that we determine the # of days elapsed to the call date and compare the days elapsed to the WtyDays Custom property you create/assign to the Make for that model (use the exact same values/custom property as EventOutputID 90 for the warranty parts yield alert) to determine if the Equipment on the call might be under manufacturers warranty and will flag the pick ticket as Machine Warranty. This custom version also will identify on the parts section of the pick ticket the bin for the item (using the default POR bin assigned to that item) and the available qty in that main POR bin plus the available qty in all your warehouses, and it will flag any items marked Returnable in the item setup by printing CorePart / Returnable on the pick ticket under those items. Pick tickets onhold for parts will also NOT print that call!

Sample Output includes the Call number, Due Date and Time, Customer Name and Address, Caller Contact, Equipment #, Model and Serial # and Problem Description.  Customer Account #, PO# for Machine warranty and date, Priority, Technician the call is assigned to, the part#, Description, Bin Location, Quantity Requested, Price, Quantity Issued, Shipping Information, # Available in Main Warehouse, # Available is all Warehouses, and if the call triggered from Bad Sync Data, or WP Waiting for Parts.


This alert has lots of variables:

VarW = Warehouse (not warehouse description) to report availability from

VarX  = Show Pricing (YES/NO)

VarY  = Attribute name of custom property on the Make for Warranty Days

VarZ  = Attribute name of the custom property on the Make for the cutoff $$$ you setup for each Make (min cost of items to be eligile for warranty. Canon for example might be $300, while Kyocera might be $150)

Var1  = As of 2014.12.09 release set to 'NoRepeat' for each PickTicket to be printed only once, at time call is placed on Hold

Var2  = As of 2014.12.17 to show/hide prices from printing on pick ticket

Var3  = On Hold Codes trigger in addition to WP (Waiting for Parts) and BadSync

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