ID25 - Item Transferred into Defective Bin Overview & Sample:

ID25 is designed to notify inventory personnel that items have been transferred into a Defective bin so they can follow up to ensure that the part is returned from tech.

This method of moving the item(s) out of regular stock will prevent the item(s), which are usually defective, from showing up as available inventory in e-automate.

Defective bins are set up in Eauto in Inventory/Inventory Bins with a stock type of defective.  This stock type is what this alert reports on.


Sample Ouput for ID25 contains the Warehouse the item was in, the Warehouse the item was transferred to, the Old Bin, The New Bin, Date of Transfer, Item Number, Item Description, Serial# (if applicable), Reference and Creator ID as shown below:


This alert has no Variables.


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