ID879 CEO Juice Website Subscription Changes Overview & Sample:

The CEO Juice website allows you to set up users with access to subscribe to alerts or update existing subscriptions for your company. You decide who has access and the type of security level a user should have, click here for more details on the different types of user access options.

We have had a few clients ask to restrict certain users to only specific alerts, for example Service Managers to only subscribe/update Service Call alerts, but this is difficult to implement and control with so many alerts being a combination of different areas. Instead we decided to build an end of day summary that provides a log of all changes to any subscription done by one of your users.

The From Email in the subscription MUST be 

Sample of output:


testNote: this alert does not monitor any change done by the CEO Juice team, for example if it's your company practice to have your end users directly reach out to our help desk and request for an update to be done, those changes WILL NOT report.

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