ID546 - Equipment Records with No Bill Code Assigned Overview & Sample:

This alert is meant to monitor your equipment records to ensure that you have a BillCode assigned to them. You can specify to only be alerted on Host models by putting the word HOST in VariableW, to check all models then put the word ALL (or leave blank) VariableW below.

Bill codes are used to determine how customers pay for service, parts and supplies.  Equipment Bill Code is located on the Billing/Contact tab in the equipment record. 




If the equipment you are servicing is covered on a current contract, the system looks for the bill code on the contract. If the equipment is not covered on a contract, it looks on the equipment profile.

The contract can have bill codes in two places. A bill code can either be associated with each equipment on the contract, or appear in the contract header as the required Contract bill code. When looking on the contract for a bill code, e-automate first looks at the equipment identified on the contract. If it finds a bill code, it uses it; if not, it uses the bill code identified in the required Contract bill code field on the contract header.

Because e-automate uses the above selection order, you should assign a time and materials bill code on the equipment profile(s). If the equipment profile is assigned a time and materials bill code, when the equipment comes off contract e-automate automatically begins charging using the time and materials bill code assigned to the equipment profile.

Sample output for ID546 contains Branch, Created By, Customer Name, Equipment#, Model, Serial Number, and Created On Date and Time as shown below:


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