ID476 - UnInvoiced Service Calls > Variable W days from Open Date Overview & Sample:

Our client wanted to have an alert of any/all calls Not Invoiced > W days so that they can review if the calls should truly still be open or if they should be cancelled. You have the option of only running this alert for Field Technicians. To do so, enter the attribute name of custom property assigned to employee file designating employee as a field tech (Normally ZCJFieldTech) into Variable X. If Variable X is left blank, the alert will run for all technicians. Alert can be sent to Sales Reps, Creator, etc.  Now ID320-dependent for Rep link.

There could be a number of reasons why you would complete a service call, but not be ready to invoice it.  For example, your salesperson is working with the customer to close the deal on the demo you took out, your tech wants to wait a few days to see if the problem recurs, or you need to get the managers approval to invoice (or waive) a certain fee.  In the example below, the service call is still pending a refurb, (which could be to put in your loaner pool), so this call might not be assigned until the workload allows it.



VarW = # of days from call open date to alert on

VarX  = CustomPropertyAttribute assigned in employee record identifying who is FieldTech

VarY  = 'OKB' to exclude calls in Ok-To-Bill Status, otherwise blank (you can list other status to exclude as well, please just separate by comma)

VarZ  = Branch Numbers alert should fire on (separate by comma or blank for ALL)

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