ID515 - Items w/Qty in Stock for Selected Equipment Based on Usage History & Related Items Overview & Sample:

This report is installed as a custom report to help you identify any inventory you have on hand for the selected equipment records you identify. This was meant as a report you would run when you were trying to catch inventory quantities for models that might be discontinued or you might be no longer servicing and you want to see what inventory you have on hand. Once this report identifies items in stock related or previously used on sales order or call for the equipment, it will show you what other models that you carry that have history or related to that item. It's easier to understand what this can do once we install it for you and run it on your data!   

In Eautomate, choose Reports/CustomReports/ID515 and select your filters as shown below:


Next, run the report by selecting OK.  The first page of the report will show the models you've chosen (or all), as shown below:


The following pages of the report will provide detailed information about items with quantity in stock, their description, usage history, allocated or back order, on a PO, Pricing, warehouses where located as shown in the screen shot below:


This is a great report to help pinpoint those stale items. Run in Conjunction with the stale inventory report, ID694. You can see what models it's been used on, and how many of those are under contract.

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