ID615 - Sales Order Process Status Change - Step I Overview & Sample:

ID348 Series will help you walk a Sales Order from order creation to customer delivery and includes email notifications as the order moves through the different stages.  ID615 will notify sales rep as the status on their sales orders change between the multiple steps in the sales order process. Note that this process requires ID348 Series

Sales order status can be viewed in EAutomate, Sales Order Console, and Edit or View Sales Order:


ID615 provides a detailed view of the complete sales order:


ID615 has the following variables:

VarW = SalesOrder Status for alert StepA

VarX  = ConfigurationName used for sales order custom properties

VarY  = (Optional) CustomPropertyAttribute of first customproperty on sales order to include

VarZ  = (Optional) CustomPropertyAttribute of second customproperty on sales order to include



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