ID110 - Send Call Status Board to Team of Technicians (Uses Territory Code + Your Email Domain (VariableX) as Email Address) Overview & Sample:

This is to allow all technicians on specific teams (using the actual Territory code assigned to the technician record) to see the open/hold calls for their team so they can assist each other with call loads as the day progresses. This alert would normally go out at 9 / 12 / 3 during the day, but if you want different scheduling entering the schedule you would like in the comments when you subscribe to this alert. This alert does require that the tech to have ZCJTechAlerts set to YES in eAuto Employee Record.

Tech Alerts and Tech Teams can be set up in the eAuto employee record:


ID110 will then provide a list of all pending calls for each team member:


Variables include:

VarW = CustomPropertyAttribute assigned in employee record identifying Tech to receive alerts

VarX  = your email domain




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