ID534 - DQM Quote Created Overview & Sample:

Ever ordered equipment, only to find the accessory didn't fit that host model, or when you installed the accessory it required an additional panel because you had to knock out the whole area but your customer only ordered an accessory that would fill part of it?  These "mistakes" can be costly, resulting in items in your inventory that you may never sell, delays past promised delivery dates, or even pricing mistakes.  Maybe your rep quoted the wrong finisher and now he's not making any money and neither are you.  It may not be too late to get a revised quote to your customer.

ID534 is an alert of new Quotes created to be sent to designated person(s) so that they can monitor quotes being delivered by sales reps and ensure that the quotes are being properly configured & priced before being delivered to customers.

Sample Output of ID534 contains Rep Manager, Sales Rep, Customer Name, Account Type, Config Quote Name, Created Date, Quoted Date, Total Purchase Price and Total Out Cost Overridden as shown below:


This alert has no variables.

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