ID610 - Sales Order of Order Type W Fulfilled Overview & Sample:

Similar to ID596 that lets you monitor when Speciality Sales Orders are created, this alert advises you when Sales Orders of Type W have been fulfilled. Original use is for a client who creates Sales Orders for Equipment to be moved, and wants to be notified when the work has been done so that the Equipment Record can be updated.

Sales Order Types are created in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes/Sales Order Types:


ID610 Output contains Branch Name, Order Type, Sales Order Number, Customer Name, Model, Equipment Number, Is Contract (yes or no), Contract Number, Bill Code, Bill Code Descriptoin, Sales Order Remarks, and Sales Order Description, as shown below:


This alert has the following variables:

VarW = Order Types to trigger on, separated by comma

VarX  = 'Contract or All' (alert only if equipment is on an active 'Contract' or alert regardless of any contract

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