ID404 - Alert Customer On New Meters From Specified Source, Overview and Sample

Ever had your customer call after receiving a bill to find out where you got the meter you used for billing? Well, this client had a customer who wanted to know each time an automated meter was coming in from their Canon equipment to confirm the meters submitted. So this will be an alert you turn on for specific customers. The custom property field should be a contact look up and if there is a contact assigned to the custom property the alert will email that person whenever a meter comes in with a meter source of variableW on our subscription.  VarW can = estimated

In the sample below, client is informing their customer they've had to estimate the meter for billing purposes.


This alert has 2 variables:

VarW = MeterSource(s) to be used for this alert (separate with commas)

VarX  = CustomPropertyAttribute on Customer to set contact lookup, that will trigger this alert for the customer


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