ID706 - Notify Sales Rep that Contract has Billed, Overview and Sample

NOTE: This alert will trigger only on metered contracts, for un-metered contracts consider ID869. Some sales reps want to ensure their customer's contract billing is accurate before being sent to the customer. This alert sends the Sales Rep (assigned to customer record) a short notification that one of their contracts has billed. It provides some basic details on covered copies and overage billed (if any) in dollars and clicks. This is designed for clients whose sales reps want to see billing information just prior to being sent so they can intercept and correct any issues. The alert runs on a very short cycle, so the rep will receive notification almost immediately upon invoicing.

The alert will send the rep an email with the following format as shown below:


This alert has no variables.  The Logic looks to ID320 subscription/tables for rep assignment and if blank then looks to Customer Bill To in eAutomate.

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