ID251 - Send Email with PO (to Vendor Optionally) Based Upon PO Order Type in Variable W Overview & Sample:

ECi/E-Automate provides a very powerful PO Processing/Receiving tool to electronically transmit and receive orders with certain vendors. However, they do not have integration with all possible vendors so this alert was built to run on a schedule and optionally send to the email address on the vendors record for the PO OrderTypes specified in VariableW above. Will email a PO.Pdf (similiar to format when printed PO) for the purchase orders created since last time this event ran. You should have the LOCK After Print option setup on your system tools so that this alert will lock the POs from further edit.

To LOCK purchase orders, so they can't be edited and possibly resent again, in eAutomate/Tools/Options/Purchasing, check the box to lock purchase order after printing (where highlighted below):


ID251 Output looks something like the sample below:



The alert looks at the PurchaseContactID on Vendor record to get e-mail address to send to

Fires every fifteen minutes.

Note: will not fire for an unlocked PO.

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