ID590 - Sales Order Incl Order Types W / Excl Sales Codes X / Incl Contract Type Y / Category Z with No Contract Associated to Item Overview & Sample:

Client has some contracts in place where service is free if supplies are being purchased. However, they still need the supplies to be charged against the contract even though they are billable. So they assign a special customer type to those customers under that plan, and this alert watchs for ordertypes W where customer (or customers parent) has contracttype(s) Y not associated to contract. This alert is a two phase alert. It will alert you when a sales order is created for customer type for an item but no contract was associated, and again if Supplies were shipped/invoiced out and still were not associated with a contract.

To associate an order to a contract, In Eautomate/Sales/Sales Orders and to choose the order type:


Next ID590 will check those orders, looking for order type, contract association and contract type.  Sample output is shown below:


Variables are:

VarW = OrderType(s) to INCLUDE from this alert (separate with commas)

VarX  = Sales Code(s) on items to EXCLUDE from this alert (separate with commas)

VarY  = ContractTypes to alert on (separate with commas)

VarZ  = Item Category(s) to include (REQUIRED)(only check if sales order has items in listed category(s), separate with commas)

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