ID552 - Note Types Used on Invoice to Request for Approval for Voiding Overview & Sample:

If you are using an internal process where your Accounts Receivables team need to request approval (or receive a denial) when they want to void an invoice, then this process can automate these requests. It would be done by using a specific 'noteype' on the invoice notepad (the notepad icon on invoices). ID552 is the first step in this process that initiates the AR persons request asking for approval to void an invoice, while ID553 is the Managers approval or denial process.

Sample of alert that would be sent to the Manager, add the emails in the To/Cc field of the subscription:


Default variable indicating the NoteType you will use to request approval. If you want to use a different note type, you will need to create those (see below), and ensure your subscription is updated with the correct note type name


Creating Note Types:

In eAuto, under Tools / Lists and Codes / Note Types, create the note type and select which users have access to these notes, as shown below:


AR Teams Request:

When AR team wants to request approval, they would go to the invoice and edit, click the yellow note pad icon in bottom left corner, enter a note against the appropriate note type requesting the void and any additional information that may be relevant to the request, click QuickAdd, then OK 


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