ID499 - Alert on Billable Sales Order with Freight Charges to Manually Invoice Overview & Sample:

For clients who are using the UPSWorldship integration AND the EAGENT autofulfill/invoice for salesorders processes, there is an issue where if the sales order is billable AND there are freightCharges pushed into the ShipmentRecord in eautomate for the salesorder, the EAGENT task will NOT properly add the freight and/or TAX the freight on billable orders. So this alert is very specific to you using these two features in conjunction. This alert fires to tell someone to manually invoice the reported sales orders before the nightly EAGENT runs so that these billable with freight charges orders will invoice/tax properly.

Sample output contains Sales Order Number, Ship To Name, Shipment Number, Freight $, and Total $, as shown below:


This alert has no variables.

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