Server Changes - Upgrades / Moves

**Please contact us a few days prior to your scheduled server move(s) so we can have a team member available to assist as needed.**

If you are moving or upgrading your server, our services and alerts will stop working. Therefore, we need to coordinate with your IT on the following: 

For e-automate server move ONLY:

  1. We need our CEOJuice database backed up on the old server and moved over to the new e-automate server (if not done already)
  2. We need to have a SQL authenticated user 'ceojuice' created in SQL and given the same permissions and roles that we had on the old server (and for our domain ceojuice user if applicable). Please see this link for those instructions:

Once the server move is complete and the two steps above are done, please let us know the new server name so we can validate our access to the e-automate database and then we will re-link our services.


If our services are running on your e-automate server as well, please proceed to this next section... 

To confirm if our services are running on a server, please check for these two services:



For server moves that our CEO Juice Service is running on (which may be your e-automate server):

1. Add the CEO Juice domain user to the local Administrators group on the new server. Details here:

2. If we currently access the existing server via our CEO Juice LogMeIn account, then we will need LogMeIn installed on the new server.  The following link will install it on our account automatically:

3. If not done so already, please add both the .NET Framework 3.5.2 AND 4.8. The SSRS import process requires 3.5 and e-Automate requires 4.8.

4. Install and configure a current e-automate client on the new server for us to access so we can test our Custom Reports 


We can perform the following steps (assuming we still have open access to the old server):

If you prefer to do this yourself, then we need:

5. SQL Server (SQL Express is OK) installed on the new server to house the software's data store. We will also need SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Management Studio installed. If installing SQL Server Express, be sure to install the Advanced Services Version which includes both SSMS and SSRS. Note that since SQL Server Express 2016, SSMS is a stand-alone install and SSRS is stand-alone since SQL Server Express 2017.

6. A backup of our CoreDB, ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB databases restored in SQL on the new server.

7. A copy of our CEOJuice and Lucee Folders (usually under C:\ or D:\ root) moved over to the new server.


CEO Juice Server Requirements:

CPU: Minimum 2 cores (4 recommended)

Memory: 8GB

Disk Space: 60GB total space (we won't use this much, it is more for Windows to be able to grow with updates, etc.)

SQL: Express ok, with Advanced Services. version: 2012-2017

Windows Server 2012R2 or higher

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