ID875 - Possible Duplicate Shipment Notification - Billable Orders (Clone of ID215)

Clone of ID215 to trigger on billable orders only. We have seen situations where a customer places a toner order online, then calls it in and so does their colleague and you ship 3 sets of toners in one day. This alert is to just raise a flag whenever a supply order is created where the item ordered for a particular equipment id had been previously ordered for the same equipment in the past Variable W days you specify. We will also factor the # of days between last order against daily click average (based on 3 month average) against the item expected yield and report if item appears to have not met yield. Due to MPS support we also check to see if the same Item was shipped to the same location (not just the exact same equipmentnumber) and the alert differentiates in the message what is suspect (EquipmentNumber/Item) or (Location/Item). We check all order types containing the string Supp by default. You can specify a different string in VariableX if you only want us to check a specific order type. Use alert 315 to check for equipment using excessive toner.

Click here for ID215

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