ID645 - Customer Charge Accounts Scheduled Date Overview & Sample (In Development)

Set the Scheduled Date for Credit Card Payments in Accordance with your Expected Date for Credit Card to be processed.

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When a customer submits a payment via eInfo they have the option to enter the date they would like the payment to be processed as the scheduled date. When a customer is setup with a charge account in eAuto for their invoices to be processed against, the scheduled date defaults to the date on the invoice instead of the due date of the invoice. This alert will update the scheduled date of the payment to be processed to however many days you set VariableW to before the due date on any transactions that go into the process customer charge accounts with a source of eAuto. It will not affect the payments submitted via eInfo.

Use ID454 to be notified when transactions in the process customer charge accounts come up to their scheduled date.

Run Schedule: Daily

Type of Output: Email

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This alert is still in development, no samples available until in Beta Status


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VariableW: Number of Days Before Invoice Due Date to Set Scheduled Due Date To. Set to 0 if you would like Schedule Date = Invoice Due Date.


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Alert Functionality

Alert looks at the Due Date of Invoices set with Charge Method of Credit Card/ACH and sets the Scheduled Date on Charge Account Record to VariableW number of days before Invoice Due Date:


This screen shot shows how eAuto automatically sets Scheduled Date to Invoice Date:



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Best Practices & Tips

Be sure all needed accounts are set with Charge Method of Credit Card/ACH in order to be considered for this alert. This alert does NOT consider the Terms.




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Related Alerts

ID454 - Credit Cards Not Charged


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