ID664 - ServiceNow Call Sync with eAuto Overview & Sample:

Sync Service Calls from/to ServiceNow

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For dealers that have large customers with their own ticketing systems, the customer usually creates the service call in their ticketing system and then contacts the dealer. This process will create the call in the dealer's eAutomate and then will sync the call status back to ServiceNow. Sync's from eAuto to ServiceNow or from ServiceNow to eAuto.

Note, this is a complicated process to implement, the majority of our clients who start do not get the process live. Instead, consider using ID54 to update the ticket system.

We suggest you get your customer's IT involved, confirm that they have a test ServiceNow DB available and that they have the resources to enter some dummy calls and confirm sync. We need a test eAuto DB also and resources to manage that.

If your customer's IT is interested ask them to provide API access to that test DB per the instructions below. We need to confirm through that API connection that their database structure is fairly standard before we install sync. If your customer is not open to getting us that API access they are probably not committed to getting the sync in place.

The integration requires access to the ServiceNOW Table API
The specific endpoints on the Table API we need access to are;

sys_users (read only)
cmdb_ci_printers (read only)
sys_choices (read only)
sys_user_group (read only)
incident (read/write)

Please note: The Comments field we update is a Journaling field, so after submitting, the entries show up in the ticket below the field.


We track the time the service call is opened in ServiceNow and the time the call is assigned to your company, when the call is assigned is the call opened time for you in eAuto, we provide an eView to report how long it takes to assign the call to you as that is an important metric.

We allow for a specific cancel code that will not update ServiceNow as there may be times an SN call is assigned to you by mistake and the call should be assigned elsewhere and not canceled (use variable 10 to say which code).

The eView is in the System folder and has ID664 in the name. You can use it to review the sync status between eAutomate Service Calls and the SN Incidents.
And as per the screenshot below, there is also a drill down into the Service Calls eView if you need to see more info on the call. You can also import columns into the custom eView.

Run Schedule: every 5-minutes

Type of Output: Data Push with emails



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Alert Functionality

Please contact your customer's IT and ask them to create an API user with access to the test ServiceNow database we will be working with. The user needs the following permission:

To query and update Incidents via the table api (.../api/now/v1/table/incident/)

query only for .../api/now/v1/table/sys_choice/ (used for access to Priority codes)

query only for .../api/now/v1/table/cmdb_ci/ (equipment records)

query only for .../api/now/v1/table/sys_user/ (Caller)

query only for .../api/now/v1//api/now/v1/table/sys_user_group/ (assignment group)

The user needs an email where notices will go to track any credential changes, failed logins, etc for that SN user. We suggest an email like SNcustomername@yourdomain 

Once your customer provides credentials you will need to enter those ServiceNow credentials so we can pull data:

Login to our site at 

1. Go to your PROFILE:


2. Select Integrations:


3. Select ServiceNow under Integrations


4. Enter Credentials:

These credentials are how ServiceNow built your API authentication and requires all 4 pieces of info





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