ID54 - New call Opened/Dispatched/Closed for Help Desk Overview & Sample

There are times when you might have customers who want their internal HelpDesk (or support person) to be notified any time a call is Opened, Dispatched, Arrived, Completed on equipment at their locations. Typically it's to help them track internal calls from users who are complaining about equipment being down and they want to be sure that a call has been opened and/or that the call has been closed.

Now also able to update your customer's ticketing system, see THIS LINK for details. Email to get this in place for you. 

This alert will only fire on service call types per your Variable3 settings. Variable3: CallTypes to trigger on, regardless of call type category (OR leave blank for ALL call types with Corrective or Preventative Maintenance Category Code)

The alert will not notify on same status if status reverts back to a previously reported on status (i.e. tech undispatches from call, alert will NOT notify again that call is opened/pending).

Sample Email:

With your Customer's Ticket # (available via alert version 20190401):

See THIS LINK on how to set.



WHO will receive?

(this alert will also email anyone cc: or bcc: on your alert subscription)

First you will need to assign the Contact to receive these notices. This can be done at Equipment, Customer or Parent Level. The logic first looks to the equipment level, if nothing present then looks to main customer level assigned to the equipment record, if nothing present then looks to parent level of the main customer assigned to the equipment record.

*If you need this alert to go to more than one fixed email address, then please let know. We can tweak the alert so it considers 'other emails' on the Contact Record. To consider Other Emails on Contact Record the format needed is to separate Other emails with semi-colon as show below:  




And Main Customer Level is here (not Location # assigned):


Following are the steps to assign this attribute to a Customer Record. 

The process is nearly identical for Equipment.

  1. In eAutomate, open the Customer window by clicking the Customer button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the customer that you want to email notices for and double click to open the customer detail.
  3. Click on the Custom Properties tab.
  4. In the Configuration dropdown, select the Customer- Customer Custom Properties option.
  5. Now click on the search icon next to the attribute value (from VarW -ZCJHelpDeskOpen54) and select the contact you want to send the alerts to from the drop-down list. 


If you are on the older version of this alert (before May 2013), you will be using the custom property in VarW/ZCJHelpDeskOpen54 and VarX/ZCJHelpDeskClose54.





WHAT statuses will it be sent?

Your subscription Var1 (Opened, Dispatched, Arrived, Completed) determines what status' the contact will be informed of. This can be overriden at the Customer Level (only) via Custom Property listed in Var2 (ZCJ54CallStatusOverride). Overriding this can ONLY be done at the Customer Level (not at the Equipment or Parent Level).

Select which status to notify of:



If you have any questions, please let us know at

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