Creating an EView for Contract Rate Increases

**Please see this link for best practices on using the automatic contract rate increase feature in eAutomate**

We often get requests for a report showing all contract rate increases; you can create a report for this by using eViews. 

To create the eView:

1. Start from the system view titled Service Contract Schedule Rates. Open the view and then click on the New button to create a new view.


Select the columns Cycle Type, Round To and Start Date from the unselected columns and move them to the selected columns for the eView. Click OK to create the view.

2. Once the view has been created, click on the Edit button to add additional columns to the eView.

Click on the Import new columns button and then select Service Contracts (Contract) from the Linked Views drop-down list.


Select these columns from the view: Branch Name, Customer Name, Active, Equipment Count, Base Rate, Start Date, Overage Billing Cycle and Bill Group. Click on the Apply button after selecting each Column Name to add to the eView.

Click on the Linked View Service Contract Equipments/Items


Select the column Cont Active and click on Apply to add to the Eview.

3. Click on the Filters tab of the eView and choose the option to sync the filter options with the columns selected in the eView.

4. The resulting eView will give you the option to search by contract, customer name or start date of the contract increase.

**If there are any issues creating this eView, please send an email to and we can assist with the creation of the view.**

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