Merging Contacts in eAutomate (Jon Balter Write Up)

Creating duplicate contacts in eAutomate is very easy to do, best practice is that all duplicates are merged into one contact record. You can accomplish this through eAutomate or by using the CEOJuice De-Dupe App (ID433). 

Notes on Merging   Merging in EA  Merging in CEO Juice   Differences in EA & CEO Juice    Ignored Items

See this link for full details on the ID433 CEO Juice De-Dupe App.

Notes on Merging Contacts:

1. It is not reversible. Once the process starts, do not try to stop it. It cannot be undone. (True for both CEO Juice and eAutomate merge)

2. It is a huge resource hog. It takes up lots of SQL workload so don’t use at peak times.  It can be done during the day, but just be aware it will take time. (True for both CEO Juice and eAutomate merge)

In eAutomate:

1. Open contacts in eAutomate, go to People->contacts.

2. Do a quicksearch for the contacts you want to merge.

For example: merge these two Corky and Cokry together:


3. Mark a decision on which contact you want to keep. CM211 is the correct one.

4. Click on the one to replace. In the example, CM165 needs to be merged.

5. Then select the merge button:


6. The merge screen with appear. Read the warning. It is real. There is no undo.


7. Enter the contact number on the merge into contact.

8. Merge from will disappear after the process

9. Click “Ok”. CM211 now replaces all the places for CM165.  All information on CM165 will be gone FOREVER.  This includes phone numbers, emails, and web passwords.


In CEO Juice App (ID433):

1. Go to your CEO Juice Apps

2. Select De-Dupe


3. The Contact -> Contact Home


4. At this point, a few recommendations:

  • Remove the checkbox for “Show Merged”
    • This removes contacts that the CEO Juice app has already merged
  • Remove the checkbox for “Show Inactive”
    • There is no need to mess with inactive contacts

5. At this point, you can run the search open. It will return all the suggestions for contacts that may be duplicated.

6. Here is an example of a contact that needs to be merged.


7. To Merge the two contact records together, push the “M” for one of the two.


8. This will move the contact to the top of the screen. Most of the time the app will suggest a merge of the two records, if it doesn't, you can still merge the two records. Click on the "M" on the other record:


9. Now both contacts are at the top of the screen:


10. One great feature with CEO Juice, it is easy to see that one of the contacts has an eInfo password. So this is the contact you want to keep.  So click the chevron next to that contact.  The Left side of the screen is the Keep record and the right side is the Merge. 


11. CEO Juice app lets you compare the two and will show any differences. In this example, nothing is different. If the phone number or email was different, it will let you select which one to keep. 

12. Now Click Merge. Again, NO UNDO!!!

13. It takes time. Wait for it.

14. After it is complete it will have “M” next to it:



Differences between EA Merge and CEO Juice Merge

1. CEO Juice has a history of the merged contracts, there is no history in eAutomate. You can't even tell the contact was merged in eAutomate, this is a huge advantage of the CEO Juice merge.

  • To get to the history in the CEO Juice APP, click on Contacts (1) - Contact Merges (2)


2. CEO Juice shows differences between the contracts. It shows phone numbers, emails and tells you about Web passwords for eInfo, eAutomate shows nothing.


3. CEO Juice App will let you merge multiple contacts into one at one time. eAutomate is one at a time.

4. CEO Juice recommends which ones to merge. This cuts down on time.  eAutomate has no recommendations.

5. eAutomate has no advantages over the CEO Juice App.

6. CEO Juice App will let you easily deactivate: just click one button to deactivate a contact. In eAutomate, to deactivate, you must open the contact, uncheck the box, and click “OK”.

7. CEO Juice App lets you ignore multiple records at one time. Click them off and click “Ignore all” or filter and click “check all” then “Ignore All”.

Ignored Items

1. What if I get an employee that ignores too much or is done by mistake? You can undo it.

2. In the CEO Juice App, go to Contacts (1) - Contact Ignores (2)


3. Select which contacts you want to "unignore" or select or filter and do batches.


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