ID433 - App to Fix Duplicate Items / De-Dupe App Overview & Sample

This App is to merge or deactivate duplicates in eAutomate. We started with Item Records and now have Contact Records (Feb 2020) with plans to expand to others (i.e. Customers). 

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This App is to merge or deactivate duplicates in eAutomate. We started with Items, then added Contacts but plan to expand to customers, etc.

For Items we will find what we believe are duplicates and allow a quick process for merging, ignoring or making inactive. Unlike the current eAuto merge routine which does nothing with the item number, vendor number, or vendor number history of the old item, so all of those are lost. This App will push all of those numbers to the vendor history of the item record they were merged into.  

For contacts, we use a points system to suggest duplicates and the App will auto merge while allowing you to choose which fields from each merged contact remain.

Suggest you run our process to Make inactive before merging, ID337 for Items, ID479 for Contacts (Choose Tag of Make Inactive).


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Apps are launched from any browser with a connection to our "JuiceBox" (won't work from home unless you have a VPN ETC.).

**for ECi hosted clients, please see THIS LINK on accessing your apps**

Access via URL: http://<webserver>:8888/ceojuice (replace <webserver> with the name of the server where the ceojuice software is installed, the juicebox). Ask us at, if you do not know the name.

Select de-dupe app:



Login Credentials:

login: user

password: ceojuice




Home/Main Screen:

Menu provides access to Items duplicates and Contacts duplicates, can also select database you're working in (for Items duplicates ONLY). This allows for using against eAuto Test Database for new users in training.


To change database:

(1) Change database connection by clicking on Current DB in top menu bar. (TOP of app will always show which database you're using (CEOJuice = LIVE eAuto database))

(2) Database drop down selection



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Contacts Duplicates:


Item Duplicates:



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App Functionality:

Contacts Functionality:

**Requires active subscription to alert ID735/Duplicate Contact Records

**Be sure you have ID476/Deactivate Contacts running FIRST - this will save you A LOT of time!

-Contact Records are considered duplicates based on point system in our SQL logic. Any contacts "awarded" 5+ points will be considered a potential duplicate by this alert.considered:

1. Phone Number - for each Contact Record with the same phone number = 1 Point

2. Email Address - for each Contact Record with same email address or email address only different by one character = 1 Point

3. Zip Code - for each Contact Record with same zip code (first 5-digits only) = 1 Point

4. City/State - for each Contact Record with same City/State combo = 1 Point

Logic considers phonetic matches for City (not State)

5. First/Last Name - if first or last name is exact match (or phonetic)  = 2 points

Logic considers phonetic matches. For example: Shawn=Sean OR Todd=Tod OR John=Jon




Contacts Home:

The listing of all potential duplicates is same as what alert ID735/Duplicate Contacts provides. It can be a lot of potential duplicates, so we suggest using filters to search by name, starts with to narrow down. 

App shows Contact Record details including which Customer Record(s) linked



Select Keep / Merge / Ignore:


Keep = select Contact Record you wish to keep

Merge = select Contact Record you'd like to merge into the Contact Record you've kept

Ignore = select when Contact Record should be kept and ignore as possible duplicate. Even though alert ID735 fires daily, the app will remember any Contact Record set to ignore and will not consider again.

We also suggest leaving the Auto Suggest filter checked to help identify duplicates:


Once you have identified duplicate Contacts and have selected Keep / Merge, the app shows which records you've identified as such on top:




If the Contact Record you are NOT keeping contains information you wish for the Contact Record you are keeping to be updated with (i.e. email address in sample below), (1) check the box and then (2) select merge:

(You can also use the trash icon to remove that record from merge transaction)



Once merged, the Contact Record identified as Merge (Child) will be removed from eAuto. 

Contact Merges:

The Contact Merges shows all the merge activity completed:



Contact Merges shows in black the Contact Record Number and basic info on record kept, Contact info in red is what Contact Record Number was deleted, also shows IP address of computer user who completed merge:



Contact Ignores: 

Shows what Contact Records have been set to be ignored for any duplication. These records will always be ignored, unless you select 'Remove':



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Items Functionality:

-The item match occurs using the relationship between these 3 tables: ICItems, ICItemVendors, ICItemVendorMfgNumbers



Items Home Filter

Can filter Item, Qty, Category, Inventory Code



Item Match Filter

Can filter to (1) only consider Active Item Records and set on (2) how match is considered (Item Number, Item Vendor, Item Mfg Number):


Use Item Match Filter to exclude Items to consider (i.e. some clients use -R at end of Item Number to indicate no longer used/recycled Item Number)

Exclusion based on character contains, starts with OR ends with:



Shows in Summary when existing filter in use:


Filter also applied in Item Summary:


Quick link to Item Summary on Home Page

Use Drop Down under Items to navigate




Item Summary shows duplicates by category by year with hyperlink to details:



(1) See by ID number assigned to duplicate entry or 

(2) check box(s) and select Preview Merge to see details:


ID Level:


Merge Preview:

Option to:

(1) Keep Item Number / Description / Yield / Preferred Vendor

(2) Flip direction of which merges into what



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Best Practices & Tips:

-If the app stops on the item merge, try doing a few records at once, as someone could have  a lock on an item record. Best practice is to use the tool when activity is super light or after hours. if someone has an item record locked in SQL. It’ll get stuck.  


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Related Alerts:

ID337 - Mark Item Records Inactive (best to be sure this is running first before using app to merge duplicates to save you time!)

ID479 - Mark Contact Records Inactive (best to be sure this is running first before using app to merge duplicates to save you time!)

ID735 - Duplicate Contacts (REQUIRED for Merge Duplicate Contacts in de-dupe app)

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