ID770 - Financial Insights (Power BI) Overview & Sample:

Power BI Report showing financial & contract billing data

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This is a Power BI Report showing financial & contract billing data, budget analysis, and KPI's. Includes Income Statement and Balance Sheet Analysis, as well as Financial Business Ratios, Cash Flow Analysis, Year-over-year comparison, Budget to Actuals and Analysis.  

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Type of Output: On Demand Power BI Report


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Landing Page:



Income Statement:




Operational Summary:



Budget to Actuals:



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This alert has no variables


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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-See here for getting Power BI in place. 

-Click here to download the file  

-Real time financial data pulled from eAuto transactions. We do not calculate any data, we are just pulling into report format what eAuto transactions provide.

-Note you must be signed up for ID770 for this to install and run as we push needed support tables.

-For ECi Hosted clients: We are working with ECi to open up our access so we can set an ODBC connection for you. If you are interested, then please provide us the public static IP address for your company network so that ECi can whitelist it to allow us access.


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Power BI Reporting

Power BI Reporting

1. If you have garbage date (top right) for Period Filters, please just use drop down to select Period Date Filter (our file automatically sets to a Fiscal = Calendar Year. If your Fiscal Year is different from Calendar Year, then you will just need to manually update the Period Date Filters


2. Use filters at top to filter by

(1) Dollars, GL Branches, GL Depts

(2) Set what determines bubble size for graphs

(3) hover over bubble to see details


3. Select 'use animation' to see graph lines:


4. Details for transactions can be seen / drilled down to:


5. You can categorize on your Income Statement and filter the reports for those categories by using Custom Property ZCJGLSubGroup01 on your GL accounts. Populate the Custom Property with the naming of your groups (i.e. 01 Equipment, 02 Service) on appropriate GL accounts. Then the next day (our background tables need to run each night first), you will see these in your drop down filter.




As of 2023.05.31 version only the Income Statement Analysis and Income Statement (Sub Groups) pages have this subgroup option available.



6. The Aged AR Invoices, will only show open invoices IF there is an amount due. If the total amount due is a negative balance, we will show no data on this page.


7. As of Rev 2023.10.31, page Forecast vs Budgets provides insight of your Actuals, Budget, and Forecasted Actuals. You can filter PnL entities, GL Branches, GL Departments, GL Accounts, and more! Watch the video link below for 4-minute review.



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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-There is A LOT of data in this dashboard. Best to publish this report to a workspace so you can view via the app service. If you have Power BI Pro, then share to workspace for all with access to that workspace to view.

OR if you are not using Power BI Pro, then you can publish to your own workspace (no one else will be able to view):




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3 minutes preview below, one hour below that.

One hour extended below with sneak peak at "The Model"





Original one hour extended webinar below (outdated now).


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