ID704 - "The Model" in a Power BI Dashboard (ID900)

We now have ID900/Financial Performance Benchmarking "The Model" as a Power BI Dashboard (Beta version still).


Video includes a sneak peek of the mobile version at the end:


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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-See here for getting Power BI in place. 

-Click here to download the file ( version 20210416). 

-Real time financial data pulled from eAuto transactions. We do not calculate any data, we are just pulling into report format what eAuto transactions provide.

-Note you must have your Financials mapped (ID893) for this dashboard to populate, CLICK HERE for instructions.

-For ECi Hosted clients: We are working with ECi to open up our access so we can set an ODBC connection for you. If you are interested, then please provide us the public static IP address for your company network so that ECi can whitelist it to allow us access.


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Power BI Reporting

Power BI Reporting

Landing Page:



Select which Financial Model - Bering McKinley or Tom Johnson:


Financial Cockpit:

Benchmark Highlights to show target against "The Model". GL on report refers to eAuto and financial refers to the model. This page is high level overview. GL transactions straight out of eAuto, then we run through our mapping app (ID893)  to blend it together, we are not storing or manipulating any eAuto data.




Can see details, use filters to see by branch, GL, etc.



Right click to drill through to see transactions (i.e. confirm sharp credits, etc.) while reviewing real time:



Your company comparisons against the Model:


How do G/L Branches & Departments score based on Model Mapping?:


How does my Income Statement Compare to the Model?:



Using Decomposition Trees to analyze model adjustments compared to e-Auto:


Right click on to drill down to see adjustments/changes made per model:






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