ID34 - Parcel & Freight Shipments Overview & Sample

ID530 is our UPS integration with eAutomate and ID531 is Fedex. We have been searching for a solution for address correction where we see clients paying hundreds of dollars in address correction fees each month ( This is an integration with OnShip (, OnShip allows you to shop for the lowest shipping cost, or pick the lowest 2 day or say always ship Fedex, or bill my customer's UPS. 

It also works for LTL shipments (freight) and that can get into some big savings on machines being shipped out.  For our Canadian clients, it supports Purolator, for our MidWest clients they have SpeeDee.

OnShip has address correction built-in and we can write the corrected address back to eAuto along with tracking, etc. We will report what OnShip is saving you each month on their lower rates plus show avoided address correct charges. OnShip is waiving their monthly fees for Juice clients.

As with all of our integrations, this is included in your monthly fee. 

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