ID313 - Deposit Based Contract Drops Below X - Overview & Sample

Deposit based contracts are based upon a $$$ amount, and not hours left on the contract. This alert will let you know when a deposit based contract balance drops below the amount you specify in VariableW. This alert can also trigger if you set VariableX to # of days prior to expiration date to notify if balance >$0. This is for those clients who have a USE-IT-OR-LOSE-IT block contracts. This alert will aid in need to recognize the unearned balance on the date of expiration and trigger a renewal if the contract was set to auto renew when balance hit $0.

In order for this alert to work, service activity must be recorded against the contract. Please see THIS LINK for Best Practices.

Please also consider ID687: To send out a contract history statement to your customer showing the starting balance, and all contract charges/credits from the start date of the contract thru the date the report runs. Its meant to keep the customer informed of their contract balance.


VariableW: Threshold dollar amount to alert when any deposit based contract drops below (format XXX, no decimals please)

VariableX: # of Days before expiration date to notify if balance > $0 (if your using expiration dates on contract)


**Please note Sales Rep column is pulling from Sales Rep assignment on Contract Record




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