ID519 - Ensuring New Leases Get Entered in eAutomate Overview & Sample:

Best practice is to store your lease information in eAutomate and not depend on the leasing companies to provide it. Not only do you not have to worry about falling out of favor with the leasing company, but once the data is in eAutomate, we have many alerts that use it, telling sales about leases near end (ID65), ensuring you don't put a ton of parts in to a copier about to be returned to the leasing company (ID799) etc.

This alert will ensure you are entering lease information in eAutomate for new deals. It looks at your equipment and contract records along with your equipment sales invoices to see if the Serial# is set to bill to a leasing company identified by the customer type in VariableW (required) and alert you if there is not a lease record created for that equipment. You can also choose to exclude certain contract types that you identify in VariableX. This ensures that all your leases get setup in eAuto and helps track leases that are due to expire so your sales staff can be proactive on upgrades. This alert will also trigger if a lease record was marked inactive but the equipment and/or contract record is still set to bill to the leasing company. This will ensure that all your records are being updated properly at lease end. Alert will continue to notify on qualifying records until resolved.

**Please note, this alert uses the Serial Number to connect all the transactions it considers. So you will need to ensure you have no duplicate serial numbers; otherwise the alert will falsely trigger (mix up Customer Name, Model, etc. info). Please consider alert ID299/Duplicate Serial Number created in Equipment file (irregardless of model!!). Best practice is to use a unique identifier when you don’t have a serial number to reference, (i.e. ‘Model/SaleDate/1of3’) so you can periodically review and get proper information in the system. 

By default this alert only looks back two years - if you need a longer lookback, contact us at

Alert fires Tuesday mornings.


VariableW REQUIRED: list Customer Type(s) you use to indicate leasing company Customer Records

VariableX: list Contract Type(s) you don't wish the alert to consider





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