ID799 - Service Call for a Lease End Machine Overview & Sample

Ever put $1500 of Imaging Units in to a machine only to see it ship back to the leasing company a week later? This alert is a variation on ID593 which is designed to let a sales person know when a service call might be an upgrade opportunity. This alert is to always let the tech know when the call is for equipment where the lease expires in W days. Make sure you also subscribe to ID64 to ensure your lease data is accurate.

(If you have equipment reporting that is past lease expiration date, you will need to mark eAuto Lease Record as inactive to keep from firing on this alert.)

Set VariableW to let you know how far in advance of lease expiration date this alert should start firing if service call logged.

Alert fires when service call status is dispatched. The logic behind that decision is that if you tell the tech when the call is assigned a few hours or days beforehand, they'll likely completely forget by the time they are in front of the equipment. The point of the alert is 'hey, don't spend a ton of my money on this machine' so best to let them know when they're actually on the way to service machine. (Alert also looks to our ID320 tables to determine Sales Rep assignment for both listing on alert and who to send to.)



Some users have asked if there is any way to exclude an account/machine from reporting on this alert. The alert does not have such capability. 

If the lease has gone month to month (evergreen), then the original lease technically is expired. If you don't wish to be alerted anymore then you could just deactivate the lease record. If you do wish to be notified in the future, then perhaps leave the lease record active and extend the expiration date out a few months, so you still get reminders every few months to ensure techs can be cautious when servicing the equipment.

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