ID260 - New Call Created Send Notice to Assigned Tech Overview & Sample:

To send a notice to the technician that a new call has just been placed on their board. This works by checking for calls status Pending and alerts the tech assigned to the call once. Please note that the call must have a piece of equipment assigned to it for the alert to trigger. We memorize the call/tech as the unique key so if the call is reassigned to a new tech, but still pending, the alert should notify the new tech once. There is optional functionality to also notify the previous/old tech, as well as notifying the new assigned tech, when a call is moved. Set VariableX to 'Notify' if you want the old tech to be alerted of the move.

In order for this alert to work for you, it does require Best Practice of 'reassign' function in eAuto, NOT changing tech in Technician field within the service call:

Do this:


DO NOT do this:


Variable Options:

VariableW: Name of Custom Property assigned in employee record identifying who is a FieldTech, default ZCJFieldTech, see set up here

VariableX: Set to 'Notify' if you want to email old tech when a call is reassigned (defaults to Notify)

Sample Output:



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