ID863 - Call on Hold for Parts (WP) and Equipment Carcass Available Overview & Sample

When a machine is removed from service the suggested practice is to remove all salvageable parts and put them into inventory at $0 for future use. Sometimes this takes a while however, as often techs will work on it when they 'have nothing better to do.' This alert will advise you when a call is placed on hold for Parts and you have Equipment of the same model awaiting parts harvest. It also has some awareness of parts which can be used on multiple models, so for instance if the call in question is for a C7000 and you happen to have a C6000 awaiting salvage and the two share the part in common you will be notified to check. The alert assumes that when you designate a machine for salvage you change its equipment Status so that it matches one of the ones you enter into VariableW. This alert requires DGI's analytics package to be in place and updating properly in order to function, as it uses some of the pieces from our ID500 process.


VariableW: *REQUIRED* EquipmentStatus(es) assigned to machines awaiting parts harvest (separated by comma)

Please see THIS LINK on creating these Equipment Status needed in eAutomate

VariableX: OnHold Codes used for Waiting for Parts (WP assumed, no need to list). If left blank, will only report on WP 



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