ID843 - Reports Customers Who Have Called in for an Update on Call (ETA Request Note) Overview & Sample:

This is a custom report you run on demand directly from eAutomate, reports who has called in for an update on their service call and wants the technician to call. This requires your dispatcher to add a note on the call (using a specific note type) for the technician to call the customer. This reports on data from ID183, click this link for an overview on ID183

This can be used for training purposes, management meetings, and in monthly/quarterly technician meetings to help to improve efficiency overall and obtain customer satisfaction.

Custom Report in eAutomate / Custom Reports Folder:


Filter Options: date range, specific technician, customer, equipment #, note type



Sample Report:

Shows who does/does not have the selected NoteType, and if there is a note what the message is.


See also ID859 ensures technician calls the customer

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