ID183 - ETA Request from Customer Overview & Sample:

Communicating effectively to your customers and keeping them updated on a call is key to customer satisfaction.

ID183 is a way for your dispatcher to automatically notify the tech that the customer is calling in for an update. The alert will email the technician notifying them and option to include their manager, to see how often it happens.

Alert will only send once per ETARequest entry.

A few key points below:

*The alert triggers only for calls in Dispatched, Pending or Hold Status. If the call is not in one of these three Statuses the tech is not in a position to answer questions about the call and the dispatcher should answer them rather than making an ETA Request Note.

* The dispatcher will need to insert a note into the service call, using the note type defined in your subscription, the default Note Type is ETARequest. Dispatcher will add details for the tech, i.e call customer ASAP.

* DO NOT open/edit the call and click the note button in bottom left corner, it will not work as E-automate changes the “ETARequest” to “EVENT” when double clicking the call to add the note.  You must right click on the call and select 'Call Notes'. 

In Dispatch console, highlight the call and right click, select 'Call Notes' 


Select Note Type 'ETA Request' which is the default. If you chose a different name for the note type make sure the subscription in Var W reflects that name, otherwise this alert will not work.


Enter the details of the note and hit OK to save.

The alert will trigger and send an email to the Technician and Technicians Manager, or whoever you have listed in the subscription.

Sample Output:



See also ID859 ensures the tech calls the customer

See also ID843 custom report to show which techs keep getting reminded to call customer

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