ID203 - Unbilled Contract Overages Overview & Sample

This alert will let you know about active contracts that are not billing overages. (This alert does not take into account expire by copies contracts.)

You can either run this alert to see only past due overage billings or to see overage billings a specific number of days into the future (this will also include ALL past due overage billings). 

If you want to see only past due overage billings you need a negative number in VariableW for how many days past due you want to include. 

See link here for best practice on billing National Accounts

 Figure 1:

Line 1 in Figure 1 shown above shows overage billing as 189 days past due.

If your using this to see the contracts that need overage billing up to the next VariableW days in the future then list VariableW as a positive number.

 Line 1 in Sample shown above shows -6 in Days Past Due. This means this overage is set to bill in six days from the day this alert output was created.

**This alert will also list active contracts that need their overage billing period enabled. This alert sorts by days past due except for the ones that need their billing period enabled. Those will show at the top. Once you fix the billing period then they sort within the days past due where they are supposed to.


This alert will also help you identify contracts that are still active but should be terminated.

See link on best practices for terminating contracts.
Also see link for termination codes on contracts.


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