ID880 - Car Stock Effectiveness Overview & Sample:

This alert is intended to help you evaluate your tech's car stock effectiveness and is available as a custom report. We recommend running the report separately for each tech.

The report lumps all transfers-to-tech into two categories - 'Unlinked'/'Good', which means that the ILC automatically moved stock to the tech based on the mix/max settings for his/her bins, and 'Linked'/'Bad', meaning the tech had to manually request the part due as part of Incompleting a Call or generating a Transfer Request.  The report looks at all transfers and compares how many transfers were generated by eAuto as restock vs. how many were generated otherwise and provides an effectiveness for that part for the period (5 transfers of which 2 were linked, effectiveness for that part is 60%). There's also an overall tech-level effectiveness rating, and a report-level rating for all techs you included. This provides you with an additional metric to evaluate how accurate the tech's min/max bin settings are, and also tells you just how often the tech is having to operate outside his/her own inventory.

**If you are manually creating manual transfers (as opposed to tech submitting transfer request or ILC orders because tech marked service call as incomplete for parts), that transcation is considered 100% effective for those manual transfers.**

Users needing to access this report will need eAuto permissions to Inventory Reports and Custom Reports.

Sample of output below:


(With filter set to only show effectiveness below 25%)


Sample shows by part#, the total transfers to tech warehouse and shows total linked transfers.

Linked Transfers = inventory requests or PO receipts linked to calls (meaning tech didn't have part in car stock, thereby min/max levels not set correctly)

The totals shown in highlighted area as well as at bottom of output, are totals for the time period, for that tech. Some items not listed as they do not fall below 25% effectiveness.

**Also recommended are alerts ID629/PartsRequiredOnIncompleteCallOverview and ID393/CallincompleteSamePartWDays

 **There is a known issue with this alert: If the same item appears on more than one line-item of a transaction like an Inventory Transfer or PO Receipt the value gets inflated. See this LINK for more info. 

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