ID225 - Equipment MIF/Population Report by Territory/Technician Overview & Sample:

ID225 is a report you run on demand that shows the equipment population assigned to a territory in the equipment record. Reports model, serial#, average monthly volume over last 3 months, total calls over last 6 months, and parts cost over last 6 months, for each equipment and totals for each model.

Note: This alert does require you have ECIs analytic tables installed

Sample Output:

1) Territory 2) # of equipment 3) Parts cost 4) Average Monthly volume 5) Total Calls broken down by CM Corrective Maintenance, PM Preventative Maintenance, CC Courtesy Calls (call type categories)


Filter Options to run the report:

Only include equipment on contract OR include ALL active equipment


Narrow down by certain equipment. Use the Advance Filter Option to look at certain models/model category etc...



Include all call history on equipment OR only look back a certain period


Grouping Options for report output: i.e Territory, zip code then equipment OR Technician, zip code, model


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