ID923 - Contract MIF Report Overview & Sample

Need to understand if your printer clicks are growing or shrinking, what % of black clicks are running on color boxes?

See a 30 minute webinar below.


Now you can review your entire company's MIF permformance! This report provides a breakdown to the model level of such things like clicks billed, service call stats and total machine count, including drill down capability to the equipment serial# level at the necessary spots.  

(this report is NOT limited to metered equipment only, it reflects all contracted equipment)

The equipment is broken out by Model Category so you must subscribe to and update your Model Categories via ID295/Model Mapping App (this post includes instructions on Model Category assignments and explanation on values entered for Average Price, Turn Rate and Retention Rate). 

Results of report are always after the last full month closed, should refresh monthly.

Click here for details on where to find and launch this report.

Here are available filter settings:

(right click on images to open in URL and see in larger format)


1. Refresh Report Tables: This only needs to be refreshed 1x per month and is always through the end of the last completed month. You should only need to refresh more than 1x per month if you make changes to the ID295/Model Mapping App. 

2. Show only for equipment under active contract thru today or show any equipment under contract thru the reporting period? In other words, only show the previous 24 months of clicks etc for machines that are still on an active contract allow your service manager to see growth/loss of volume etc based only on the current active equipment.

3. Exclude Lease Revenue from Contract Revenue Total: this lease info used for this report is from the Lease Tab and Lease Payment info in Contract Record

4. 3rd Party Serviced Equipment:

Since this equipment isn't technically in your Service MIF, you can identify your 3rd Party Service Equipment separately. There are three different filter options for identifying your 3rd Party Serviced Equipment (use one). This report will identify those by either 1)Equipment Record Status 2)Equipment Record Territory or 3)Equipment Record Bill Code

You should only need ONE of these filters and you can leave the remaining two set at <None Apply>.


Here is a sample of most of the report, there is so much in this report we can't put it all on this post!

(right click on images to open in URL and see in larger format)

**Please note difference between current fiscal year (2015 in sample above) and previous fiscal year (2014 in sample above): the Clicks, Contract MIF and Territory MIF are for the month (November as shown above) and for YTD or past year is full fiscal year and YTD for current year is as of last full month billed**

**Reporting is your fiscal year (not calendar year), but we pull 25 months. The format of all the graphs and tables are current fiscal year compared to last fiscal year .

Clicks billed are ALL reported in the month billed, they are not spread out over the coverage period like eAuto analytics.

So if you have any large contracts that bill overages annually or quarterly, be sure to keep those timelines in mind when reviewing your YTD numbers.

Also because TotalBilled reflects ALL within the month actually billed, costs are also ALL allocated against the month the costs were incurred. For example, two toner bottles that may last your customer 3 months, will have full hit of cost in month those toners were shipped.


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