ID37 - Call Board Summary Status Overview & Sample:


Provides real time quantity of service calls by technician.

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A quick snapshot, by technician, of their service call statuses. Shows quantity of calls carried over, new calls for today, rescheduled calls, closed calls, on hold calls.  


Run Schedule:  End of Day

Type of Output: Email


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Variable W: Custom Property set to YES on EA Employee Record identifying techs to report on

Variable X: Threshold of Pending Open calls before alert will trigger (enter 0 to run on schedule regardless of call load)

Variable Y: Enter Branch Number(s) to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. Will only show technicians with Custom Property ZCJFieldTech set to YES on e-Auto Employee Record.

ZCJFieldTech (1).PNG

2. Alert does NOT have ability to send To Tech, only To Technician's Manager:


3. We can set custom schedule to run twice per day (perhaps 8:30AM and 4:30PM?)

4. To exclude a tech from the email, you will need to make sure to set the ZCJFIELDTECH to NO which will effect other alerts which look for this Custom Property to be set to YES.


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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. Tech missing from email? Be sure tech has valid manager listed on their e-Auto Employee Record AND the manager's Employee Record has valid email listed.




2. See THIS LINK on how best to set up Technician Employee and Warehouse Record in e-Auto



Column Descriptions


1. Manager assigned to tech in eAuto

2. Technician

3. CarryOver – ALL calls existing yesterday (including on hold, pending, etc.) that were not closed by end of the day yesterday  (CarryOver calls are all calls which were open at the start of the morning, regardless of other factors) 

4. NewToday(+) – new calls assigned to technician today


5. NewR/S(+) – new reschedules created today  

(*IncompletedToday are calls which were marked Incomplete so they could spawn a new Rescheduled call, which is what the 'New R/S(+)' column shows.)

NOTE - New or Carryover call can be a Cancelled or Closed

6. Closed -) – total calls closed today

7. Canceled(-) – total calls canceled today

8. Dispatched(-) – shows who is currently dispatched at time the alert runs (will be blank if no one is currently dispatched)

9. Total Pending Calls – total calls still open that haven’t been closed, not inhaled, not waiting for parts, canceled or dispatched to



10. OnHold – total calls currently on hold for tech (i.e. Parts Hold, Credit Hold)

11. WaitingParts – total calls on hold for parts (current revision 20130812.0000 only considers OnHold code of WP)

12. InCompletedToday – totals calls tech was dispatched to, but was unable to complete today (IncompletedToday are calls which were marked Incomplete so they could spawn a new Rescheduled call, which is what the 'New R/S(+)' column shows above) 

13. NewCallBacks – totals calls pending that are considered Call Backs (based on eAuto settings, please use THIS LINK to find your settings.


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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

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