ID432 – Flip Call Type Code to Match Incomplete Reason Code on Rescheduled Call Overview & Sample:

A process where the Call Type on the reschedule call needs to match the Incomplete Code on the original call.  In order to make that "matching" call type/incomplete code work in an automated fashion, this alert requires that the incomplete code on the original call has an exact matching call type code in your ‘calltypes’.  This alert will run thru the open reschedule calls and flip the calltype. To 'flip' means to automatically change the Call Type of a re-scheduled call generated when a Service Call is marked Incomplete. 

VariableW is the list of Incomplete Codes you want the alert to look for and act on when found (when marking a call Incomplete you have to specify why by selecting an Incomplete Code). VarW is an array, list as many Incomplete Codes as you like. 

VariableX is optional, this is the Call Type you want any re-scheduled calls automatically set to when created. VarX is NOT an array, you list one Call Type. If you do not list a Call Type in VarX the alert assumes that each Incomplete Code in VarW has an IDENTICALLY NAMED corresponding Call Type set up in e-auto, and the alert will automatically flip any re-scheduled calls to the Call Type that matches the Incomplete Code.”

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